Raymond Lamb, LCSW

Adjunct Lecturer for USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

Raymond Lamb is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the areas of addictions; HIV/AIDS; individual, family and couples therapy; LGBTQQA issues, grief and trauma.  His clinical interests are on gay affirming psychotherapy, neurobiology, addiction, grief and trauma applied to a continuing education and knowledge of psychodynamic theories/modalities and evidence based practices.


Mr. Lamb’s social work experience began in the 1980’s in NYC during the AIDS epidemic and crisis. He participated in social activism through ACT UP, Aids Coalition to Unleash Power and started pre and post-test HIV Counseling for New York City Dept. of Health in 1989. It was at this time he saw the Social Work Values being practiced on a micro, macro and mezzo level. In graduate school he did his internship at SAGE, Senior Action Gay Environment which is the oldest social service agency serving LGBTQQA older adults in our nation. He was the former mental health director of the CHOISS Program at the Serra Project, a housing agency serving individuals and families with HIV/AIDS and multiple disabilities. Currently, he teaches Human Behavior and the Social Environment and Substance Related and Behavioral Addictive Disorders and Recovery. He has a private practice in West Hollywood and Encino and subcontracts for Aids Project Los Angeles providing psychotherapy for their In Home Health Dept.  Mr. Lamb integrates real-world knowledge into the classroom environment through his experiences as a psychotherapist, community-based health social worker and life experiences.  



Mr. Lamb is aware how art has been a major influence in his both his personal and professional development and how social work is both an “art and a science.” He studied acting for two years at the William Esper Studio in NYC and for him this experience highlighted parallels between social work and the craft of acting. Mr. Lamb feels both acting and social work build upon relationships, both share and tell stories of the heart, both understand and appreciate the complexities of humanity and both have the ability for transformation. Mr. Lamb believes art is an expression that can connect us to others and to ourselves and through these connections heal


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