Art Rx Symposium 2018

In honor of Robin Williams

Art Rx Symposium 2018 was an educational forum inspired by the creativity, compassion, and laughter that Robin Williams delivered to the world through his acting, comedy, and contagious zest for life. By bringing together artists and physicians who deeply understand physical and mental illness, we believe that the same creativity, compassion, and laughter can be more effectively integrated into medical treatment and care. 


The forum included :

  •  A range of performances and presentations by artists who live with illness

  •  A discussion of the therapeutic role that creativity can play in medical settings

  • An interactive cocktail hour, inviting participants to experiment first-hand with art modalities that can be applied in medical settings.



3:00 pm: Welcome Remarks:       Dean Laura Mosqueda, MD - Keck School of Medicine of                                                                    USC
                                                        Sydney Siegel - Founder/President, Art Rx
3:20pm: Artist Presentations:      Linda Berghoff - Dancing Through Parkinson’s
                                                        Norman Lear - Laughter Adds Time to Your Life
                                                        Will Reiser - Cancer... and other funny topics
                                                        Susan Schneider Williams - The Painter’s Scalpel
4:35pm:  Clinician/Artist Panel:   Sunita Puri, MD, MS - Palliative Care Physician & Writer
                                                        Melita Petrossian, MD - Neurologist & Former Dancer
                                                        Raymond Lamb, LCSW - Social Worker & Former Actor
                                                        Dr. Ross Grant, MD - Internal Medicine Physician & Musician
                                                        Susan Schneider Williams - Fine Artist & Brain Health  Advocate
                                                        *Facilitated by Lorelei Bonet, LCSW - Simms/Mann UCLA                                                                    Center for Integrative Oncology
6:05pm:  Interactive Artists Cocktail Hour       Jake Kahana - Virtual Reality & Aging
                                                                              Nils de mol Van Otterloo - Music & Neurology
                                                                              Adam Jonah - Art Installations & Wellness
                           **For more details on speakers, please see program below

We would like to thank our Sponsor, L.A. Care, for its generous sponsorship of the inaugural Art Rx symposium


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